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Future does not mean a twist of fate
imposed upon mankind. Future can be
arranged in a creative way, it can be changed
courageously, it can be assimilated to various
human desires. This is the internal mindset that
is in discussion on this website.

It gives attention to participatory future construction,
to participation of the ones who are concerned with
society, politics, education and corporate culture. It
concentrates attention to creativity, visionary thinking,
innovative planning and social inventions.

On this website you will find relevant information and the present status quo of the discussion of those who are engaged in Future Workshops (also known as: Future creating Workshops or Power of Imagination Studios). Here you will find contacts and recommendations to meet each others, you will find collections of links to sources of information, and stimulations to seek and debade on futures...

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The motives of beginning to publicise this Website in 2002 was the preparation of the Annual Meeting of facilitators for Future Workshops in the year 2003.

Mission and Target Group

The purpose of publication is to realise an information pool which gives deservified incitation and even opposite views. This Website should be used by those who facilitate Workshops for Futures as well by those who are interestet in the concept for inquisitiveness or for job-related necessity or for private concern. It shall open views for facilities and ressources in relation to the concept of Future Workshops.

This website has no direct commercial intentions, but promotes free flow of information. The electronic medium does not at all replace personal contacts, which we still love to cultivate and expand – not only on the Annual Meetings.

Invitation to participate

Many subjects in the wide and varied spectrum of Workshops for Futures attract interest and find resonance always up to date. Approximately every 3 to 6 weeks new sides will be added. Everyone who wants to take part is cordially invited to send own proposals, references, tips and feedback. We rejoice in discovering common purposes that will develop here consistently ever and anon and that will take effect to futures...

— encounter — exchange — forum — contact — potentiality — self-organising — co-operation —

Structure and Navigation

Five lines of sight arrange the topics of this website:
  1. Glance – to mission and structure of Networking Future Workshops...
  2. Survey – of the concept of Future Workshops in theory and appliance...
  3. Farsightedness – to avail of this website and benefit for own purposes...
  4. Insight – to Annual Meetings of the facilitators of Future Workshops...
  5. Outlook – to ventures that are realisable concertedly in futures
Networking Future Workshops

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Insight Annual Meetings...
Outlook 2006/2007/2008...

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